JID is ...

Japan Interior Designers' Association (JID) was founded in 1958 as a national association to represent the
interests of the interior designers in Japan.
Since then, through the eras of Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa, celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2018, JID has
promoted various activities for exchanges, enlightenment, and social upgrading for interior designers.

However, unfortunately this year, we are facing the global problem of COVID-19, and we are not able to
perform normal social and economic activities, and activities of our association, either. The impact is
expected to continue for several years.

The society and the world that experienced this rapid pandemic is fundamentally changing our conventional
We are shifting to a lifestyle that values quality in basic necessities of “clothing, food and housing,” than
ever before, from the mass consumption society in which the circulation of goods and money has dominated
the global economy.
"Quality" spaces and products are becoming more significant in our lives; things that are "cultural",
"communicates the story behind the space/object", "comfortable", "creates a sense of attachment", or
"relieving". This is an opportunity to reconsider the importance of "interior design" for our lives more than
New types of relationships will emerge in the post-pandemic world that caused fundamental changes in our
values. "New nexus," "nexus with people," and "nexus between people and society" will be more significant

It is time to reflect the role that interior design should play.
We, JID, play a major role in the field of "lifestyle design," the foundation of life culture and the industrial
Together with our members, we will again consider the role that "design" plays in "quality of life" and
"richness of life" in order to realize a more "quality" and essential "living environment interior design". As a
"creator" once again, we will contribute to society by communicating to Japan and the world, and to the
younger generations who bear the responsibility, the importance of creating objects, spaces, and various
"things" and "experiences", together with our individual and corporate members, as well as designers from
other fields.

Japan Interior Architects / Designer’s Association
President Hiroyuki Niwa

公益社団法人日本インテリアデザイナー協会 理事長 丹羽浩之